The TRIFECTAS of Internet Marketing (Infographic)

Speaking to a client recently about internet marketing, I was trying to break down the strategies of SEO, Link Building, Pay Per Click and Social Media into their most basic elements – when I discovered that there were really THREE elements of each that were (IMO) the most important. I liked the symmetry of that and wanted to expand on it, so I created the following infographic. (No, I’m not the ARTIST, just the idea man.)

One could argue that I’ve oversimplified, but sometimes I think we need to do more of that – simplify, I mean. I think we often over complicate our strategies so much that we get paralyzed and don’t take action. I’m hoping that this view of Internet Marketing helps clear up some of the “Internet Gobbledygook.”

Please feel free to share with your social networks or post on your blogs.  Thanks. -David McBee

Infographic – Infographic Creation – Infographic Distribution

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