Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is sometimes referred to as Pay Per Click or Sponsored Links.

These sponsored links appear above and to the side of the organic links. There are several advantages to a Pay Per Click campaign, including the ability to control when, where and how often your ads appear. You also have the ability to set a budget and can turn your campaign up or down depending on your needs.

Pay Per Click allows you to target as many keywords as you like, and choose whether you’d like to target a specific geography.  Read: Why am I Passionate About Sponsored Links?

Anyone can build their own Pay Per Click campaign, but it can be a complex endeavor. How many ad groups and keywords are right for your campaign? What is quality score? How can you improve your click through rate? Before setting up your own campaign, seek out as much information as you can.

There are individuals who educate themselves regularly on the latest search engine marketing strategies. If you decide to outsource Pay Per Click management, make sure you are talking with someone who is Google AdWords certified, offers 100% cost transparency and insist on detailed tracking and a human contact to whom you can speak to whenever you need help.

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