Social Media, Blogging & Web 2.0

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Social Media, Blogging and Web 2.0 can no longer be ignored. Whether or not you’re a fan of facebook and twitter is irrelevant. If your clients are there (and they most likely are), you need a presence in these spaces too.

As for blogging… fresh, quality content is a MUST. The search engines expect it, your clients want it, and you’ve simply got to provide it. A blog doesn’t have to be a huge project either. Even short posts or hiring guest bloggers are great ways to get new content on your site.

Review sites, profile pages and reputation management should be on your RADAR as well. Your customers and clients are talking about you online. It’s your responsibility to stay up on what they’re saying and to participate in the conversation. The web is no longer a place for your website to act as your “online brochure”. It’s a place for you to interact with the online community in way that wasn’t possible only a few years ago.

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