Internet Marketing Seminars

Internet Marketing Seminars Don’t Have To Be Boring.

Every business is trying to understand the ins and outs of Internet Marketing. And while there are hundreds of blogs, books, podcasts and articles on the subject, one of the best ways to learn is by attending one of David’s Seminars.

David’s ability to translate “Internet Gobbledygook” into information that anyone can understand, and his ability to infuse potentially boring information with a little humor has made his seminars a success in Florida, New York, Texas, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Minnesota and Michigan.

If you’re interested in having David talk to your group about Internet Marketing, Social Media, Blogging or any of the topics covered in his blog, please contact him.

Hi David, I really enjoyed your seminar! I was a little nervous to attend, since I am very new to using the internet to promote Timothy Memorial School. I learned so much that I am now using Twitter and Linkedin like a pro, well almost!. You presented in such a clear way, even a novice like me benefited. Thank you.

Kathleen Krenicki, Executive Director, Timothy Memorial School

I was introduced to David at an Internet Seminar that I attended. It was clear then that he had a lot of expertise in the areas of growing my business online. We handle our own website in house, so we immediately started implementing several of the free tips that David had shared with us. We have seen great improvements to our own web site after a very short time. If you get an opportunity to attend David’s seminar, be sure and take advantage of his expertise.

Tom Fouts, President, Bledsoe Rentals

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  1. I attended David’s seminar in Madison, WI last weekend and came away with three suggestions for our TRAM Members site. First – I was on the right path towards improving placement, second – our links required additional research on improving our position, and third – develop an outsourcing plan to improve your web positioning.

  2. I was also at the internet marketing seminar in Madison and took home a bunch of better marketing ideas. David has a real laid-back approach to teaching what can sometimes be a complex subject and I really enjoyed it. If you get a chance to see him in action I would highly recommend it!

  3. I was at the seminar last week and it was amazing! I have been to a lot of seminars in my 30 plus years of being in business and this was one of the best ones I have ever attended! Rather than taking away small bits and pieces of a seminar, the whole seminar was loaded with important information. David was so knowledgeable about internet marketing and kept the audience captivated and involved the whole time. David was also very helpful answering all my questions. I can not recommend this seminar enough!!

  4. I attended David’s seminars at the ARA convention in New Orleans, a really informative and thought provoking afternoon. It confirmed that our strategy on social media marketing was correct but also we had a long way to go; David certainly steered us in the right direction.
    Phil Edwards
    Event Hire

  5. Just got back from New Orleans where David hosted a very informative seminar on websites and Google. I must admit, I thought I had all my bases covered when it came to my website and our Google page – that is until David took the stage! I am excited to apply what I learned to our online strategies and I thank David for his excellent work!
    Christopher Fey
    Shaughnessy Rentals
    Plymouth, MA

  6. David delivered quite possibly one of the best presentations I have ever seen! He was able to take a large amount of material and give it the audience and myself in an easily digestible and personable manner. I think everyone walked away with a true understanding of link-building as well next steps they should be performing to gain search marketing success. Thanks again David for a great presentation!


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